In the challenging yet interesting world of bulk liquid transportation, choosing the right tote (container) can significantly impact your bottom line and environmental footprint. 

While traditional options such as bulk in cage (BIC) containers have always had their place, an arguably smarter solution has been available for some time now. We are referring to collapsible intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) – specifically paired with high-quality liners.

Collapsible IBCs at a Glance

A collapsible IBC container – fitted with a container liner – offers a reusable option for storing and transporting a wide range of materials including liquids, powders, pastes and even certain solids. With the right liner, simplicity, safety and cost-effectiveness are increased.

Now, let us dive into the key advantages of using IBC totes paired with container liners, as opposed to BIC containers.

Reduced Risk of Contamination

Liquid liners truly are a game-changer. Essentially, they create a closed, hygienic environment which prevents cross-contamination. They also eliminate the need for extensive container cleaning processes since the product is decanted from the liner, not the tote. This translates to reduced water usage, minimised risk of product loss (due to super effective decanting) and ultimately, increased profitability.

Maximising Space for Optimal Storage

Since they are bulky by nature, empty BIC containers unfortunately take up valuable storage space. IBC totes, on the other hand, have a game-changing advantage: collapsibility. When not being used, they fold flat. This allows for efficient storage and transportation, which in turn maximises space utilisation in warehouses as well as trucks.

Undeniable Cost Savings Across the Board 

IBC totes with liquid liners offer significant cost-saving benefits. Firstly their space-saving design optimises transportation costs. Secondly, the use of liners eliminates the need for (potentially) harsh cleaning chemicals and labour, further reducing operational costs.
Consider Making the Switch to a More Efficient Solution

ALC offers high-performance liners to perfectly suit your specific needs. Our liners are:

    • Durable: Engineered and tested to withstand the rigours of transport and handling 
    • Hygienic: Made from high-quality materials to ensure product purity 
    • Cost-effective: Reduce cleaning costs and product waste

Embrace a Smarter, more sustainable future with IBC totes and liners. 

Contact us today to explore our innovative solutions and unlock a world of efficiency and cost savings.

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