Quality IBC liquid liners make a world of difference in the realm of cargo protection. But what are the characteristics and capabilities that differentiate quality solutions?

Characteristics and Capabilities of Quality Liners

1. Film Layers

ALC’s IBC liquid liners have coextruded PE films. That is, each single layer of film is made from different PE resins in 3 or more different layers – two welding and one core – with different performance properties. The two outer skins are designed for superior weld strength, while the core provides flex crack resistance as well as puncture and tear resistance to the bag.

2. Quality Assurance 

Our liquid liner solutions undergo regular rigorous testing. This ensures the integrity of every weld, that the film is free of pinholes and tears, that all fittings are welded perfectly in the correct position and that the discharge membrane is welded in place and free of any defects. They are also manufactured in a cleanroom facility, resulting in hygienically clean products free of foreign materials.

3. Performance

Quality liquid liners have performance-related attributes including superior weld strength, zero defects, higher resistance to punctures and tearing as well as greater resistance to flex cracking over long transport distances.

4. Caps and Fittings

Caps and fittings of ALC liquid liners are designed with reliability, ease of use and best balance of performance in mind. Ideally, caps should be easy to operate by hand without the use of a special tool.

5. ID Labels

Our liner solutions come with ID labels to ensure traceability of bags at all times, doubling as assurance of quality.

How to Choose a High-quality Solution

With the above in mind, choosing a high-quality IBC liquid liner becomes simpler – but now there is still the question of which type of high-quality liner. Here is one way of looking at it.

Poly Bags: These clear bags are a reliable standard solution for low- and high-viscosity liquids.

Barrier Bags: These silver bags are for aseptic applications as well as products that require a barrier to oxygen or UV light during transport and products that would typically quickly perish in a plastic container.

IBC Liquid Solutions by ALC Packaging

Not only are our liner bags specifically tailored for collapsible intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), but they are also thoroughly tested for performance and strength, feature EU and FDA-approved films and come in a range of sizes.

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