If you are in an industry that requires you to use IBC tote liquid liners, you have the opportunity to choose liners that benefit the environment, rather than impact it negatively.

In this blog post, we unpack four benefits of using eco-conscious liners.

Environmental Benefits of Using IBC Tote Liquid Liners

Here are five benefits to consider.

Benefit 1: Waste Reduction

When IBC tote liquid liners are used, you do not have to clean containers after each use. This also means containers can be reused right away. Furthermore, it increases the longevity of containers which in turn reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing, transporting and disposing of more containers.

The ALC AIRMAX high-viscosity liner range eliminates product waste by draining completely (as opposed to drums that typically collect residual product).

Benefit 2: Reduced Spillage

There is always a risk of spilling when handling and transporting liquids, which means there is a risk of harming the environment. But, when a high-quality IBC tote liquid liner is used, that risk is reduced or even eliminated. Optimised and/or automated filling and decanting processes of certain liner solutions also work to reduce spillage.

Benefit 2: Conservation of Resources

When tote liquid liners are used inside IBCs, it means these containers remain clean. This saves water and energy while reducing costs associated with cleaning products and labour.

The amount of water and energy necessary to clean one empty tote will depend on the product it contained and the cleaning method (manual VS automated). It is estimated that it could take anything from 75 – 380 litres of water and several hundred to several thousand watt-hours of energy to clean just one container.

Benefit 3: A Lower Carbon Footprint

In addition to being lightweight, IBC tote liquid liners are compact, meaning they take up minimal space. The combination helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions and resultantly the carbon footprint linked to the transportation and storage of liquids.

Benefit 4: Recycling

When IBC tote liquid liners are made from materials such as polypropylene (PP) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE), they can be recycled once they reach the end of their life cycle. This means less waste landing up in landfills and a reduction in environmental impact.

Benefit 4: Reduced Contamination

The disposability of liners is an advantage in the sense that the need for cleaning agents which can contaminate the environment is eliminated. Liners can simply be removed and containers remain clean and ready for reuse.

The ALC Liquid Packaging Range

Our range comprises the following:

– ALC Pillow Range

– ALC Easy Quad

– ALC Classic Quad

– ALC Auto Quad



In Conclusion

Using the right liquid liners inside IBC totes can benefit the environment in terms of reducing waste, reducing or eliminating the risk of spillage, conserving precious resources, lowering one’s carbon footprint, improving recycling and reducing contamination.

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