“We believe nothing is impossible,we are tenacious in our execution of unique opportunities, and we absolutely enjoy the challenge.”


ALC comprises two core divisions, namely, JB Anderson that specialize in solutions designed to protect and secure cargo that is typically transported via land, air, or sea and the ALC Liquid Liquid Packaging Division, that provides a range of customized, flexible packaging solutions specifically tailored for the collapsible Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) or “tote” in which they get used.

ALC’s JB Anderson division produces and supplies a range of product solutions designed to secure and protect cargo that is typically transported in shipping line containers, trucks or boxes.

This includes a broad range of desiccant products, as well as a range of customized container liner, bulkhead, and corrugated & kraft paper solutions, dunnage bag solutions as well as products specifically tailored for use in the agricultural sector, including a specialized range of silo bag solutions.

The JB Anderson desiccant solutions are produced for a worldwide market with each product variant in the range being specifically designed to be used across a wide range of sectors that include: Agricultural (Peanuts/Grains/Soya/Rice/ Cocoa/Nuts/Coffee Beans/Pulses), Beverage, Food/Processed Foods, Packaging/Paper/Wood, Chemicals/Plastics/Glass- powders, Electronics/Appliances, Furniture, Garments/Footwear, Metals/Raw Materials, Machinery, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Automotive/Aerospace.

The JB Anderson range is ISO accredited with each desiccant product uniquely formulated to ensure optimum moisture absorption based on the specific nature of the application.

JB Anderson’s customized container liner solutions are designed to ensure maximum loading capacity of the container and to ensure that products remain secure during transit.

This Division specializes in producing and distributing a range of high quality liners specifically for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC). IBC’s are fast becoming the preferred and cost-efficient alternative for those looking to transport liquid products, with rigid steel drums and containers increasingly being viewed as ineffective and inefficient. ALC’s range of liquid packaging IBC liner product solutions cater to a wide range of industries that are looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to transport their products safely and securely, including food and food ingredients, cosmetics, industrial goods and chemical sectors. ALC also produces specialized packaging for high viscosity and aseptic liquids, powdered and granule products, as well as liners specifically engineered for bulk vacuum, modified atmosphere applications.

International Accreditation

ALC is committed to world-class manufacturing standards. Our Liquid Packaging division is accredited to ISO 9001:2015, BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials and US Food and Drug Administration IMS requirements (FDA/IMS).

We employ the principles of lean manufacturing and 6 Sigma to drive continuous improvement and ensure our long-term competitiveness in both quality and cost.

Innovation through Research

At ALC, we are committed to ensuring our products exceed customer expectations and through our ALC Laboratory, are constantly researching and testing product efficiencies to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of innovation. The knowledge gained through this process not only enables us to deliver the very best in technical advice and support, but also affords us the ability to identify opportunities where we can innovate our product and fitment design.
Our ongoing commitment to improving our product characteristics also extends to include the funding of postgraduate studies, and continued investment in industry-specific research and testing facilities

Global Expansion

After establishing a local Southern African footprint, in the early 1990’s, ALC extended its reach into international export markets. This has resulted in the distribution of products all across the globe, including Australasia, Asia, Europe, Africa and North and South America. The cornerstone of ALC’s success has been our ability to innovate and this, combined with extensive product and application knowledge, has allowed us to maintain and grow our global customer base. As we continue to broaden our international reach, we have several long-term strategies supporting this fundamental aspect of the business, including a continued focus on new product development and research.


“Assisting our customers to
move products safely”


“We believe nothing is impossible, we are
tenacious in our execution of unique
opportunities, and we absolutely enjoy
the challenge !”


“To become the most Innovative and
Trusted company globally assisting
customers to move their products safely!”


We strive towards zero harm at work and in the world in which we live

We are honest by presenting the truth as we know it in a constructive way

We take accountability to deliver what we committed to, as well as to hold each other accountable to deliver to one another

We provide opportunities for all employees to grow and prosper

We set high standards of quality and safety in everything we make or do

We are absolutely and resolutely customer focused


From its humble beginnings in 1989, when the company was founded by visionary Jumbo Anderson, ALC has grown into an
established global player operating in over
45 countries worldwide.

The culture of ALC is defined by its 4 pillars of innovation, technology, teamwork and quality, pillars that were inspired from Jumbo’s approach to “get it right from the beginning”.

“Nothing is impossible. We are driven to match 
carefully chosen opportunities with the perfect solution,
just like every jar has a matching lid.”

– Jumbo Anderson –

When faced with a challenge, Jumbo always held true to the belief that nothing was impossible and using the analogy of every jar having a unique and matching lid, was driven by the challenge of approaching carefully chosen opportunities as an opportunity to excel by providing a perfect solution.

Jumbo’s enthusiastic spirit continues to influence the organisation to this day and it is only fitting that his legacy be carried on through the name of the company he founded – the Anderson Lid Company or ALC.


– Our Global Reach (Digitally)

Through our live-streaming studio we are now able to meet, provide live product demos on all our solutions and offer live training to our customers in real time!

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