Cargo Protection and Securement

JB Anderson’s Cargo Protecion and Securement offering includes a range of container liner, bulkhead, paper and dunnage solutions.

The JB Anderson Cargo Protection and Securement range is specifically designed to protect products inside a container that are typically transported in bulk. This includes a range of container liners, bulkhead sheets, paper materials and dunnage bag solutions. JB Anderson also offers a custom liner solution, sourcing liners for any specific customer need.

Container Liners

JB Anderson provide a range of container liners for transportation of items in bulk.

JB Anderson Barrier

Liner Solution for Bulk and Bagged Commodity Products.


JB Anderson Barrier liner is designed to protect and preserve the quality of commodity products shipped in containers. The liner is collapsed after stuffing and the excess air is removed to create a vacuum which reduces the risk of condensation damage to the cargo.

The JB Anderson Barrier liner range is also fully recyclable, catering to both 20FT and 40FT GP containers as well as 40FT HC containers.

  • Quick installation process – Takes less than 10 minutes to install.
  • Reduces the risk of condensation through removing excess air which creates a vacuum.
  • Protects and preserves the product as a barrier film forms part of the construction of the liner.
  • Hermetical seal in the front/bulkhead to prevent air & moisture from entering the liner and coming in contact with the cargo.
  • Serves as a barrier against potential contamination.
  • The liner stays secure/fixed to the container during the offloading at destination (for bulk and bagged shipments).
  • No additional equipment required for installation.

JB Anderson Thermo

Liner Solution for Temperature-Sensitive Cargo

Thermal liners and thermal pallet blankets are designed to offer a protective barrier to maintain and preserve the quality of temperature sensitive cargo. Thermal liners and thermal pallet blankets protect the cargo from temperature fluctuations, container rain and cargo sweat that may occur during transit.

  • Protects the cargo from high temperatures and aids in avoiding cargo sweat.
  • Aids in preserving the quality of products from port to destination.
  • Reduces the impact of outside temperature fluctuations on temperature sensitive cargo.
  • User friendly installation process.
  • Can serve as a barrier against potential contamination
  • JB Anderson Thermo caters to: 20FT GP – with or without a floor, 40FT GP – with or without a floor and 40FT HC – with or without a floor.
  • Pallet Covers: 5 Sides without a floor.
  • Standard dimension: 1000mm (L) x 1200mm (W) x 1500mm (H).
  • Other dimensions on request.

Other Liner Solutions

JB Anderson Wet Hide

  • For the transportation of animal hides and other products that release liquids.
  • Made from a durable “double-skin” polyethylene film.
  • Recyclable

JB Anderson Jumbo

  • Prevents leaking fluids from the container
  • Robust packaging materials

Other liner solutions in the JB Anderson container liner range include a Ventilated Liner, Std Liner with Steel bars, a Barless liner, as well as a Rubber liner, specifically tailored for the transportation of bulk rubber.

Bulkhead Sheets

JB Anderson offers a range of container bulkhead solutions to ensure that products remain secure during transit.

JB Anderson Bulkhead

Our woven bulkhead sheets are designed to secure cargo which is loaded into containers in bulk. It prevents cargo from exiting the container during loading, transit or at destination when the container doors are opened.
● Easy to install using supportive steel bars (no nails etc).
● Cost-effective.
● Recyclable.
● Safe & secure.
● Compact design when folded.
● Lightweight.
● Alternative to using wooden products as bulkhead.

The bulkhead sheets can be used when shipping products in bulk in 20 FT, 40 FT or 40 FT HC shipping containers.

JB Anderson Reefer

JB Anderson Reefer is a liner solution customized for refrigerated – or “Reefer” – containers. The liner secures cargo which is loaded into refrigerated containers loose/in bulk and prevents it from exiting the container during loading, transit or at destination when the container doors are opened.

  • Ensures product remains secure during transit.
  • Safe to open container & discharge cargo upon arrival at the destination.
  • A solution customised for Reefer containers.
  • Takes 1 minute to install.
  • No tools required for installation.
  • Robust and secure system.
  • Compact Design – Stands and Sheet supplied as a single solution.
  • No damage to container walls.
  • Replaces traditional wood applications.

Paper Materials

JB Anderson provides a range of container paper liners for transportation of items in bulk.

JB Anderson Corrugated

JB Anderson Kraft

  • Used to line the container before loading the cargo.
  • Acts as a barrier between container wall and cargo
  • Available in customized weight & dimensions to meet the requirements of the customer


JB Anderson offer a range of dunnage bag solutions designed to secure and protect products during transit in truck, rail and shipping containers.

The JB Anderson Dunnage range is typically used to secure products such as glass bottles, paper products, and rolls, drums, furniture, beer, wine, most dry goods products, bricks, metals.

JB Anderson Dunnage provides the full range of bags for trucks and Association of American Railroads (AAR) verified Level 1 to Level 5 for shipping containers, intermodal shipments and rail.


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