Container Dressing Materials

JB Anderson’s Container Dressing Materials include a range of container liner, bulkhead and paper solutions.

The JB Anderson container dressing material range is specifically designed to secure and protect products inside a container that are typically transported in bulk. This includes a range of container liners, bulkhead sheets, and paper materials. JB Anderson also offers a custom liner solution, sourcing liners for any specific customer need.

Container Liner

JB Anderson provide a range of container liners for transportation of items in bulk.

JB Liner Bulk

• For transportation of items in bulk (e.g.cocoa beans, coffee beans, grains etc).
• Allows for max. loading capacity of container.
• Reduces packaging weight and cost
• Recyclable

JB Liner Wet Hide

• For the transportation of animal hides and other products that release liquids.
• Made from a durable “double-skin” polyethylene film.
• Recyclable.

JB Liner Thermo

• For the transportation of products which are sensitive to fluctuations in temperatures.
• Max. loading capacity.
• HDPE/LDPE/Aluminium foil

JB Liner Jumbo

• Prevents leaking fluids from the container
• Robust packaging material

Bulkhead Sheets

JB Anderson offers a range of container bulkhead solutions to ensure that products remain secure during transit.

JB Bulkhead

• Used to secure container bulkhead.
• Ensures product remains secure during transit.
• Provides an additional layer of protection.
• Safe to open container & discharge cargo upon arrival at destination

Paper Materials

JB Anderson provides a range of container paper liners for transportation of items in bulk.

JB Corrugated

JB Kraft

• Used to line the container before loading the cargo.
• Acts as a barrier between container wall and cargo
• Available in customized weight & dimensions to meet the requirements of the customer

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