If you want to learn more about collapsible IBC totes, paired with liquid liners, you have come to the right place. 

Below we will answer the following questions:

  • What is a Collapsible Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Tote
  • What Types of Products Can it Transport?
  • How Do Liquid Liners Work?
  • What Sizes are IBC Totes Available in?

What is a Collapsible Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Tote?

A collapsible IBC tote is a reusable container used by numerous industries to transport and store a variety of products in bulk. As opposed to rigid IBCs, flexible IBCs are collapsible, reducing the space they take up when they are transported empty or not in use.  

What Types of Products Can it Transport and Store?

Intermediate bulk containers can transport and store bulk liquids, powders, semi-solids, pastes and even some solids. These can include juices, sauces, flavourings, pickled items, milk powders and industrial oils. In order for them to store these products, they have to be used with liquid liners. 

How Do Liquid Liners Work?

A liquid liner is inserted into an IBC tote and then filled with one product at a time. The liner both protects the product it contains and keeps the container clean. Quality, reliable liners are durable as well as easy to fill and decant. 

What Sizes are IBC Totes Available in?

These types of containers are available in various sizes. ‘Intermediate’ refers to the volume an IBC tote can carry, which typically falls between 1000 L (275 Gallons) and 1 250 L. A 1000 L IBC liner or 275 gallon liner is the ideal size for most customers.

ALC’s Liquid Packaging Liner Range 

ALC offers a range of flexible packaging solutions designed to store products safely and cost-effectively. Our liners were custom-designed to be used with IBC totes, ensuring total product protection during filling, transportation and decanting. 

Not only do they eliminate the need for container sterilisation post use, but they also increase the efficiency and utilisation of shipping and storage space available. In addition to products arriving safely, our liners actively reduce your carbon footprint and packaging costs.

View and find out more about our liner solutions here and contact us when you are ready. 

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