When it comes to bulk liquid transport, a premium is placed on safe and efficient processes. Some liquids, however, are more challenging to transport than others – particularly high-viscosity liquids. So, for best results, it is vital to use liners that have been specifically designed to effectively handle these types of liquids.

Below, we will unpack the importance of specialised IBC liners and highlight the outstanding features of ALC’s AIRMAX solution and the benefits of using it.

Why Do You Need Specific Liners for Higher-viscosity Liquids?

Higher-viscosity liquids have certain characteristics that require specific processes. Using the right IBC liner helps ensure that safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are optimised.

Our AIRMAX range, for example, is a quality liner bag solution for viscous liquid products promising lowest effort and higher product yield.

What Liner Features are Needed for Higher-viscosity Liquids? 

There are several key features to look for when selecting an IBC liner for higher-viscosity liquids. ALC’s liquid liners have them.

  1. High-quality Solution

There are several factors that contribute to the high quality of our liners:

  • A semi-automated manufacturing process, requiring limited human intervention
  • 100% inspection process with multiple individuals inspecting and approving liners
  • Prioritisation of liner pre-testing, which includes regularly testing the strength and durability of our liner film in our laborator

ALC’s AIRMAX range of liquid liner bags are manufactured in an FDA/IMS and GSFI BRCGS compliant class 7 cleanroom.

These liners can be filled with a custom-designed filing bridge which allows for (a) an ergonomic working position when connecting fill hoses with sanitary connection and (b) a 100% hands-free filling process.

Furthermore, our custom-built, high-flow, low-pressure inflation system ensures optimal system performance (the liner inflates automatically and air never comes into contact with the product).

2. EU and FDA-approved Films

Our AIRMAX liner films meet the international standards designed for food safety and materials in contact with food. This is essential for food safety audits conducted worldwide.

We also formulate our films in-house to ensure we have control over the food safety, quality and performance aspects of the film.

3. Coextruded Liner Films

We use the latest coextrusion technologies to manufacture films that feature different polymer grades in a single substrate with multiple layers. This results in film with:

  • Good sealability
  • Good processability
  • Great optical properties
  • Superior tensile properties

By formulating our coextruded films in-house, we have full control over film blend and consistency. When compared with standard LDPE grade films, our AIRMAX films show superior tensile and flex crack-resistant properties.

Unparalleled Support and Live Demo Pre-testing 

We provide extensive support and training to help customers with liner applications.

It is always useful to understand how higher-viscosity products will perform, especially during the decanting process. The performance of different viscosities tends to vary, so it is ideal if performance can be tested prior to implementation or trial.

Thanks to our in-house live-stream TV studio, we are able to offer live product demos that allow customers to view product decants in real time, simply by connecting remotely, anywhere in the world. This provides the opportunity to gauge how the liner will perform before actual trials or implementation. ALC Studio facilities are also used to offer live product training sessions, anywhere in the world.

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