According to a recent report, the IBC liquid liner industry is expected to grow in the next five to six years. 

‘The global IBC liners market is valued at USD 764.67 Million in 2020 to USD 1,121.27 Million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 5.27% from 2021 to 2028.’ – Global Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Liners Market, Insights Forecast to 2028

A growing demand for storage in the food & beverages and chemical industries is the driver.

Now, Let’s Take a Step Back

The report revealed that the expansion of the food & beverages and chemical industries is caused by rising urbanisation and industrialisation in developing economies such as Asia-Pacific. India, Japan and South Korea in particular are expanding the food and chemical industry at a vast pace. 

Unsurprisingly, the use of storage equipment is increasing along with the rapid growth of the food and beverages industry. In turn, manufacturers are adopting automation in their facilities to increase their production capacity. 

Automation is also propelled by an increasing requirement for cost-cutting as it helps reduce utility costs associated with manual labour and conventional machines. Overall this demand provides the IBC liners market with a lucrative opportunity.

Our Solutions

We have low viscosity and high viscosity solutions, plus our liner range is also available for aseptic applications.

Benefits of Our IBC Liquid Liners

All our liners undergo a 100% inspection process with each and every bag having multiple sets of eyes inspecting and approving it. We also place significant importance on liner pretesting, with our internal lab ensuring that liner films are regularly tested for strength and durability.

Our liners are manufactured in an FDA IMS and GFSI BRCGS compliant and ISO Class 7 Cleanroom with EU- and FDA-approved films that are compliant with international standards specifically for food safety and food contact materials – a necessity for food safety audits worldwide.

We own and formulate our films in-house, ensuring we control the food safety, quality and performance aspects of the film. Our liner films are also manufactured using the latest coextrusion technologies that allow for the use of different polymer grades in a single substrate, but with multiple layers. This enables the film to have good processability, great optical properties, good sealability and superior tensile properties. 

We offer a high level of support and training to assist customers with liner applications. Through our live-stream TV studio, we are able to assist customers in real time by connecting with their various teams remotely, anywhere in the world, to provide real-time solutions.

Why Choose ALC?

Our liner solutions have a track record of moving and storing our customers’ goods safely and securely. Providing quality liner solutions – reliably and consistently, across the globe – has helped us build and foster long-term customer relationships.

How can we help you with your IBC liner needs? Tell us here.

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