Transporting liquid in bulk by using a liquid liner in a collapsible intermediate bulk container (IBC) is an excellent decision. But it is important to choose the correct solution for your purposes. To help guide you, we address the following points in this blog post:

  1. The Value of Using IBC Liquid Liners
  2. How to Choose the Correct IBC Liquid Liners
  3. Types of IBC Liquid Liners on Offer

The Value of Using IBC Liquid Liners

Using liquid liners to transport products in bulk within collapsible IBCs is safer and more cost-effective than using shipping drums/barrels, bottle in cage solutions or rigid tanks. 

Liquid liners within IBCs:

  • Allow for automated filling*
  • Help prevent leaking/spilling
  • Keep the outer container clean
  • Protect products from contamination
  • Prevent air exposure which could comprise products 
  • Decrease residual product loss during decanting
  • Ensure the maximum amount of space is utilised
  • Reduce handling thanks to automatic decanting*
  • Reduce labour costs associated with cleaning
  • Reduce water waste associated with cleaning

*Brand and range dependent.

How to Choose the Correct IBC Liquid Liners

The industry the liquid falls within can help guide your choice. Industries that require bulk transport of liquids include:

  • Foods (e.g. sauce)
  • Chemicals (e.g. ink)
  • Beverages (e.g. juice)
  • Dairy Products (e.g. yoghurt)
  • Agricultural Products (e.g. liquid fertiliser)
  • Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals (e.g. syrup and CBD oil)
  • Personal Care and Cosmetics Items (e.g. body wash and foundation) 

The type of liquid you plan on transporting will play a significant role in your choice. There are:

  • Low viscosity liquid products
  • High viscosity liquid products
  • Aseptic liquid products

Types of IBC Liquid Liners on Offer

The liquid liner you choose and its various parts (film, seal, etc.) should be able to accommodate the liquid in question and its characteristics. Fortunately certain tests can determine a liner’s:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Flexural endurance
  • Ability to handle slow force being exerted
  • Ability to handle impact from being dropped
  • Ability to handle certain transport conditions

ALC Liquid Packaging has a high-quality selection of custom-designed IBC liquid liner solutions designed to suit a range of products with varying viscosities. They include:

  • The Quad Range: Solutions specifically designed for low viscosity products
  • The Pillow Range: Basic liner solutions specifically designed for low viscosity products ​​
  • The Aseptic Range: Solutions specifically designed for standard and high barrier applications
  • The AIRMAX Range: High viscosity liners specifically designed for the storage, transportation and effective decanting of high viscosity products

Get in touch to find out which IBC liquid liner solution is best suited to your product’s characteristics.

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