Choosing higher-quality IBC liquid liners has short-term and long-term benefits. In this blog post, we list them for you, along with a concise explanation to highlight the value to you. Here goes…


    For starters, higher-quality quad liners are optimised for the IBC they will be used in.How does this benefit you? Well, this ensures (a) maximum volume utilisation of an IBC1 (b) reduced flex crack caused by oversizing2 and (c) improved product yield thanks to the form fit shape3.We produce a range of customised, flexible packaging solutions. Our AIRMAX Range, for example, which was specially designed for high viscosity products, maximises product yield while minimising waste during the product decanting process.
  1. intermediate bulk containers AKA IBC tank or IBC tote
  2. as in the bag is too large, allowing the liquid to move
  3. fitted to the internal shape of your IBC

Higher-quality IBC liquid liners facilitate an ergonomic filling process.

How does this benefit you? In short, it provides an ergonomic position which significantly reduces operator handling when connecting the filling system. There is also space for tools and accessories. As we all know, any extra efficiency, comfort and convenience in the working environment is always a big bonus.

ALC Auto Quad Liner Bags allow for easy installation and the 6” inlet port is suitable for automated conveyor filling as well as semiautomated filling lines.


Certain IBC liners enable 100% hands-free filling.

How does this benefit you? This undeniably and significantly reduces the time spent, resources used and labour costs associated with filling these IBC liner bags. Saved time, reduced need for resources and resultant lowered labour costs all contribute to reduced overall costs – benefiting your bottom line time and time again.

Take our ALC Easy Quad Liner Bags – no handling or operator supervision is required during filling.


A reputable provider of IBC tote liners and related solutions should subject their products to proper testing, such as transit simulation and film strength tests.

How does this benefit you? By emphasising and prioritising pre-liner testing at our internal, state-of-the-art laboratory, we ensure optimal performance delivery. Our liner film is regularly tested for strength and durability and to confirm that it can withstand conditions typically experienced during transit.

In this blog post, we list a wide range of tests we perform, along with their functions.


    The development of liner films in-house makes a more than noteworthy difference.How does this benefit you? The advantage is twofold. It provides us with more control over liner film blends which (a) ensures that these films are customised for purpose and subsequently (b) costs are optimised.Our films are manufactured using the latest coextrusion4 technologies that allow for the use of different polymer grades, in a single substrate – but with multiple layers. This terrific technology enables the film to have good optical-, sealability- and superior tensile properties.
  1. when two or more polymer materials are forced through a die (used to shape sheet metal and other metal forms) to produce different multilayer structures



    Reason number six for choosing higher-quality IBC liquid liners is: custom coextruded film blends – which we manufacture.How does this benefit you? Essentially, a single film layer can incorporate multiple performance features, such as strength, flex crack resistance and barrier properties. The resultant enhanced performance of our solutions – achieved through rigorous, routine testing and optimisation in our on-site laboratory – offers peace of mind and builds trust.

Higher-quality IBC liquid liners are manufactured with EU and FDA-approved films.

How does this benefit you? Our liner films are compliant with international standards, specifically for food safety and food contact materials, such as ISO9001, BRC Global Standard for Packaging (AA Rating), FDA/IMS, Halal and Kosher – a necessity for food safety audits, worldwide.


We hope you found this blog post helpful.

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Our Pillow, Quad and AIRMAX liner bag configurations are available for aseptic applications.

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