IBC container liners, or IBC tote liners, are typically used for products that are or need to be transported in bulk. This means that large quantities are likely involved, which translates to significant monetary value in transit.

Lack of Information = Lack of Control

Using untested IBC tote liners would be unwise and unsafe as you would not be familiar with their:

  • Capacity
  • Durability
  • Ideal uses
  • Capabilities
  • Optimal usage
  • Performance in various circumstances
  • Performance under various conditions

Possible Consequences of Using IBC Container Liners that have Not Been Tested

Using IBC liners without confirming that they have undergone the proper tests can have dire consequences for your product and consequently your bottom line as well as the environment in some cases.

If you do not properly test IBC container liners before use, you may run into one or several inconveniences and problems ranging from minor to severe in nature, including:

  • Wasted Space – The liner cannot be filled to capacity for some reason or another.
  • Wasted Money – The liner is not compatible with the container it needs to fill.
  • Wasted Money – The liner is not compatible with the product it needs to carry.
  • Wasted or Lost Product – The liner breaks, leading to product losses and waste.
  • Damaged Product – The product is damaged or compromised due to incompatibility.
  • Unsatisfactory Performance – The liner malfunctions, causing product damage or loss.
  • Damage Control – Money needs to be spent to rectify the problem, if even possible.
  • Wasted Time – The process has wasted time, compromised productivity and caused possible money losses.

Eliminating and Reducing Risks with Rigorous Testing

To avoid this, rigorous testing can be done to ensure liners are able to perform their functions optimally, saving the contents of the IBC tote liners and money along the way.

Pretesting liquid liner bags is critical for IBC container liner solutions in order to measure product:

(a) Size

(b) Quality

(c) Integrity

(d) Strength

(e) Durability

(f) Any other capabilities it requires

If the results do not meet the quality standards, the necessary alterations need to be made until improvements yield satisfactory results. Once satisfactory performance results have been achieved and confirmed, optimal performance delivery – under reasonable conditions – can be guaranteed.

Our IBC Tote Liners

Not only is ALC known for its range of innovative liner solutions specifically designed for IBC containers (IBC totes) that carry liquids, but we are also thoroughly experienced in servicing a wide range of industries worldwide.

ALC Testing for Performance Expectations and Your Peace of Mind

Our on-site laboratory enables us to routinely test the durability and resilience of our liner solutions and applications along with approximating the viscosity levels of different liquid products.

1.  Shaker Table Test: All Liners, IBCs & Liner Packaging (Cartons).
a. Tests the liner strength under transit stress conditions.
b. Tests the liner integrity under transit stress conditions.
c. Test functionality of products with regards to transportation conditions.
2.  Tensile Test: Tests the film strength of liners to ensure the bag does not leak.
3.  Tensile Test: Tests the seal strength of all liners to ensure the bag does not leak.
4.  Tear Test: Tests the tear propagation resistance of film for liners to ensure the bag does not leak.
5.  Gelbo Flex: Tests flexural endurance of the film for liners.
6.  Dart Drop Test: A high impact test for liner film to ensure the bag does not leak if it is dropped from a certain height.
7.  Puncture Resistance Test: Tests how much the film for liners is resistant to a slow force being exerted on it before it is damaged to ensure the bag does not leak.
8.  Burst Test: Tests the seal strength of all liners to ensure the bag does not leak.
9.  Visual Inspection: Inspect all liners to:
a. Ensure they are clean.
b. Identify and isolate possible visual defects to ensure the bag does not leak.
10.  Dimensional Checks: Check all liners to ensure they meet all dimensional specifications of customers.


Interested or have any questions? Get in touch to discuss our IBC container liner solutions for your products.