Choosing the best desiccant for shipping container application and the right amount can be challenging. To help you, here are answers to 7 common questions people ask about container desiccants, including a link to a calculator.

How many units of desiccant do you need?

The ideal amount of desiccant required varies depending on factors such as box / container size, transit duration, temperature fluctuations, moisture content and cargo sensitivity to moisture. 

How much desiccant do I need for a shipping container?

The ideal amount of desiccant required for a shipping container would depend on its size and the type of items being transported or stored inside. In addition, as mentioned above, the following will also need to be considered: transit time, fluctuating temperatures, moisture content and cargo sensitivity to moisture. 

How long does container desiccant last?

The longevity of container desiccant depends on its function, environmental conditions and usage.

The following solutions have a shelf life of 36 months from date of manufacture:

  • JB Anderson Gel
  • JB Anderson Express
  • JB Mil Spec 

How do I calculate how much desiccant I need?

We have a calculator for that! Simply complete our Desiccant Requirement Analysis form here

Our software takes several factors into account to determine the optimal desiccant quantity for efficient moisture control.

How do you select the right desiccant? 

Choosing the best desiccant for shipping container application can be tricky. Our experts can recommend the most suitable product based on your specific application.

How effective are desiccant bags?

Quality desiccant products are highly effective at absorbing moisture and maintaining dry conditions within boxes, containers and trucks. When used properly, they can significantly reduce the risk of moisture-related damage to cargo.

Can Desiccant Products be customised?

JB Anderson offers customised printing across all desiccant products at the point of manufacture.

If you have any other questions that were not covered above, please feel free to let us know.

The JB Anderson Desiccant Range for Short-haul

At JB Anderson, we specialise in providing innovative desiccant solutions tailored to meet the unique and diverse needs of many industries. Our desiccant bags for shipping containers come in various sizes and boast stellar features including:

  • Safe to use
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Environmentally-friendly materials
  • Rapid absorption rate for shipments with short transit times 
  • Versatile applications, suitable for a wide range of shipments
  • Can be used for shipments of food products (majority of the solutions)
  • Long shelf life, some providing reliable moisture control for up to 36 months
  • Secure attachment mechanisms ensure proper placement within shipping containers
  • Leakproof design with advanced membrane technology (majority of the solutions)
  • Superior absorption rates, with some products capable of absorbing over 400% of moisture relative to its weight

Let’s Talk Desiccant Requirements

With JB Anderson’s expertise and innovative products, you can ensure the safe and secure delivery of your goods to their destination. We would love to tailor a suitable solution for you, so reach out to share your desiccant needs when you are ready.

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