We are very pleased to introduce the all-new JB Anderson Blanket – a next-level desiccant placed on top of cargo or pallets with optimal space usage in mind. Here are its benefits at a glance:

– Cost-effective
– Easy installation
– Quick installation
– Minimal space use 
– Rapid absorption rate
– High absorption capacity 
– Ideal for tightly-loaded containers

Now, let’s take a closer look at its functionality and uses.

How the JB Anderson Blanket Works

The blanket is sold and distributed in a sealed, transparent package. As soon as it leaves the packaging and is exposed to air, it starts to work. Once removed, it is quick and easy to install. Simply position the blanket on top of the cargo or pallets, with the printed side facing up.

Once they have been placed on top of cargo or pallets, adhesive patches ensure that the JB Anderson Blanketsremain firmly in place during transportation. The packaging is permeable, but only in one direction, which allows the calcium chloride ingredient contained within to draw in the moisture from the surrounding air. Once the water is absorbed it is bonded into a gel, which means moisture leakage can be avoided as well.

Ideal Uses for the JB Anderson Blanket

A wide range of cargo can benefit from the blanket’s features and capabilities – particularly when space is limited, meaning goods are closely crammed against the roof and walls of the container.

Products that Can Benefit from the JB Anderson Blanket

The blanket is effective at protecting:

– Industrial goods
– Consumer products
– Steel and machinery
– Agricultural commodities 
– Cargo loaded on high-stacked pallets

How to Dispose of the JB Anderson Blanket

Although it is a single-use product that can be disposed of as regular waste, the calcium chloride and gelling agent within are non-toxic and the polyethylene (PE) plastic of the packaging is recyclable.

More Benefits

In addition to the benefits listed above, we are happy to report the following as well:

– The 2 kg blanket has a 400% absorption capacity
– The high absorption capacity means fewer units are needed 
– The large surface facilitates rapid absorption, even during shorter voyages
– The blanket is suitable even when no container lashing rings are available

In the Market for Optimal Cargo Protection?  

If you are looking for an optimised desiccant that can effectively remove moisture from the air – while using minimal cargo space during transit – the JB Anderson Blanket is definitely for you.

Let’s talk requirements. We look forward to discussing and meeting your needs.