Before we discuss how you can experience IBC liner bag applications and live product demos via quality live streaming – worldwide – we want to acknowledge how the global landscape has been changing and adapting.

The World We Live in Today

Borders and ports have been open for a while and air travel has taken off again. Face-to-face B2B engagement and physical meetings have resumed. Hybrid working arrangements and environments have emerged, becoming the new normal for many organisations. Of course, in-person meetings will always have their place, but companies across the globe are seeing the benefits of live streaming. These include saving valuable financial resources and time as well as reducing carbon emissions generated by travel.

In-house Live Streaming Studio

With that said, it is in this hybrid space that we have been thriving for over a year. This is particularly thanks to our in-house live streaming studio which allows us to, for example, illustrate IBC liner bag applications and live demos for low and high viscosity liquids.

Now that most of us have become very comfortable with digital communication platforms, our offering has become even more sought-after and valued. The convenient, high-quality experience we are able to share is considered innovative and beneficial by prospective, new and long-term customers. That is, providing significant product insights and application, in real time, that could previously only be achieved through physical demonstrations. Even our customers’ end-users benefit immensely from what we are able to demonstrate through live streaming, as it affords them the opportunity to view product applications in real time and ask any questions they may have.


High quality sound and visuals in a live environment make all the difference when it comes to delivering/offering:

• Live Factory Tours – Revealing our manufacturing capabilities
• Live Product Testing & Demos – Showing all aspects of the product application
• Product Training – Guiding remote teams on product application
• Live Q&A – Enabling customers to ask questions at any point during the demo
• Product Demo Recordings – Allowing one to refer back after the streaming session

Not to mention, all streams are delivered in real time to customers and customers’ teams in multiple locations, anywhere in the world, simultaneously.

Not to mention, these presentations can be broadcast through any streaming system – including Zoom, Teams, Meet, Facebook Live, Twitch and YouTube. In general, the technology and functionality are not necessarily new, but the ongoing advancements and capabilities remain exciting and beneficial to all in the industry.

Let’s Connect

We hope to hear from you soon, or even better, if it suits you, connect virtually.

Reach out today to arrange an interactive demonstration to experience the applications and benefits of our IBC liquid liner product range.

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