With the IBC container industry predicted to see significant global growth in the coming years, the need to provide product information and demonstrations – across multiple regions – has become equally important for the industry.

ALC identified this trend and elected to build an in-house live streaming studio to provide:

  • Product demonstrations in real time, anywhere in the world
  • Live-streamed performance testing and product simulations
  • Guidance on new product applications
  • Live factory tours

This state-of-the-art environment enables us to deliver high-quality visuals as well as high-quality sound for an overall engaging, informative live experience. Our studio facility also allows us to provide detailed explainer videos that our customers can use to demonstrate product applications to internal teams or end-user customers – a significant advantage.

Who Can Benefit from Our Live Streaming Studio Videos?

​​Our live streaming studio videos are intended for customers offering IBC container solutions, as well as their end-user customers, where we can facilitate live training and product application demos directly to the end-user / IBC fleet owner.

Industries we cater to, amongst others:






  Industrial Dairy


  Food (High- and Low Viscosity

  Powdered and Granulated  Products


Our ALC Studio offers our customers – mentioned above – the following benefits:

  Live-streamed demos of products and manufacturing processes

  Live-streamed product training sessions – accessible across the globe

  Customers can connect their entire operational and management teams remotely

  Customers can offer their end-users live demos of our capabilities and solutions

  Live Q&A sessions are possible to engage with customers and gauge their needs

  Useful insights and responses to customers’ queries can be provided in real-time

  Broadcasting is possible through any streaming system including Zoom, Teams, Meet, Facebook Live, Twitch and YouTube

  Convenience, reduced travel time, reduced travel costs and reduced carbon footprint as you do not have to travel to have the same experience in a live environment 

In addition to live streaming, the studio facilitates the recording of detailed production and manufacturing videos available for viewing, demonstration and training purposes.

In the IBC container industry, these types of peer-to-peer demonstrations and guidance on new applications are critical to the success of the rollout of product applications.

Take Advantage of This Opportunity

With our innovative live streaming platform, ALC sees significant opportunities for companies to gain immediate access to our product offering and manufacturing capability, from anywhere in the world, in real time.

So, not only does it give them the confidence to sell solutions really well, but our customers can let their customers have insight into a high-quality experience and an introduction into new products and solutions.

Get in Touch

Reach out to find out more about how the ALC Studio can benefit those in the IBC container industry via in-house live streaming.