The World Cocoa Conference – a leading event for the global cocoa and chocolate sector – gathers all stakeholders of the cocoa value chain to share views and explore solutions for sustainability.

Brussels is gearing up to host this year’s highly anticipated World Cocoa Conference from the 21st to the 24th of April. This global networking event is a unique and pivotal platform for cocoa farmers, governments, cooperatives, exporters, traders, manufacturers, brands, retailers, financial institutions, logistics companies, international aid and development agencies, academics and more to come together and shape the future of the cocoa industry. 

ALC’s JB Anderson division is a proud conference sponsor and will be participating in the event. As one of the exhibitors we will aim to showcase our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs (FPS FA) of Belgium believes the cocoa sector can play a vital role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, specifically in the areas of poverty reduction, gender equality and environmental sustainability.

The Objective of the World Cocoa Conference

The aim of the conference is to:

(a) identify economic, social and environmental challenges faced by the cocoa sector
(b) assess the efficiency of stakeholders’ initiatives to address these issues and
(c) to adapt future strategies.

Complementing the event will be an exhibition along with numerous peripheral events that provide an ideal space for learning, networking and interacting with the global cocoa community.

Sustainability Through Waste Reduction 

JB Anderson recognises the urgent need to address the environmental and social challenges the cocoa industry faces. 

Our role in the supply chain, in short, is to enable our customers to move and store products, including cocoa, safely. We achieve this by providing innovative end-to-end solutions designed to secure and protect goods that are typically transported in containers. 

These solutions include cocoa container liners, desiccant and paper sheet solutions, as well as bulk liquid solutions for cocoa butter and other liquid chocolate applications.

These solutions help to prevent product damage in order to reduce and avoid waste. Our liner and bulk packaging solutions are also recyclable.

Pioneering Innovation

We constantly strive to improve quality and efficiency. In fact, ongoing innovation and rigorous testing are driving forces behind JB Anderson’s success. 

As exhibitors at the World Cocoa Conference, we aim to showcase solutions that help propel the industry forward. Our liners are optimised and easy to work with, ensuring an overall effective, safer process.

By harnessing the power of technology and collaborative partnerships, we hope to be part of reshaping the cocoa value chain.

Global Footprint

Through our global footprint, we service the international cocoa market including Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Ecuador, France, Netherlands, Cameroon and Nigeria.

Get in Touch

Get in touch to discuss your thoughts and needs. Or, even better, join us at the World Cocoa Conference to engage with our experts, explore cutting-edge solutions and gain insights into the latest trends and developments. 

Together we can build a more sustainable and prosperous future for cocoa production. Get in Touch

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