When it comes to bulk liquid transportation, cost-effective and efficient solutions are always beneficial. This means traditional choices such as bottle in cage (BIC) containers are not always the optimal choice. 

This blog post explores the advantages of transitioning from a BIC solution to a collapsible intermediate bulk container (IBC) solution, paired with quality liquid liners.


A collapsible intermediate bulk container (IBC) is a reusable container. It was designed for the storage and transporting of bulk liquids, powders, semi-solids, pastes and certain solids. Certain IBC solutions are renowned for their sustainability, simplicity, safety and cost-effectiveness.


Key Benefits of Choosing a Reliable Collapsible IBC – Paired with a Liquid Liner – Over a BIC Container

#1 Sustainability

A reliable collapsible IBC is typically made from food-grade polypropylene which makes it a lightweight as well as environmentally sustainable alternative to non-reusable containers. By switching to an IBC like this, you can contribute to reducing waste and minimise environmental impact.

#2 Efficient Use of Space

When collapsible, IBCs naturally take up significantly less space when empty. This space-saving feature makes them much more efficient to store and transport, resulting in cost savings.

#3 Ease of Use

Collapsible IBCs are designed for easy handling and setup and come with built-in pallets and interlocking lids which eliminate the need for additional materials. A streamlined design like this simplifies operations and in turn reduces labour costs.

#4 Safety and Security

Unlike BIC containers in many cases, some collapsible IBCs offer enhanced security features such as tamper-evident seals. This ensures the safety and security of products during transportation as well as storage.

#5 Hygiene and Contamination Prevention

A durable, hygienic liquid liner is used with the collapsible IBC which eliminates the need for extensive cleaning processes. This reduces water waste as well as minimises the risk of unwanted cross-contamination. Plus, liquid liners ensure that the maximum amount of product is decanted every time, reducing product loss and resultantly increasing profitability.

#6 Overall Cost Savings

Businesses that use collapsible IBCs benefit from significant cost savings on the transport, storage and labour front. Being collapsible, the design facilitates efficient utilisation of transportation space which reduces freight costs. The liquid liners further drive costs down as they eliminate the need for cleaning products and labour.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch from a BIC to IBC Solution with ALC? 

ALC’s frequently tested liquid liner bags are specifically tailored for collapsible intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). They help a growing number of businesses worldwide transport bulk liquids and powders:

  • Efficiently
  • Sustainably
  • Cost-effectively 

Using our innovative liquid liners streamlines operations, reduces costs and aligns with sustainability goals.


Make the transition today to start experiencing the many benefits. Get in touch to learn more about ALC’s reliable and efficient liner solutions for collapsible IBCs.

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