Container liners are becoming increasingly popular amongst shippers of bulk-packed cocoa beans. While desiccants have traditionally been the go-to solution for preventing moisture damage to cargo, container liners are proving to be a more effective alternative.

When cocoa beans absorb moisture from the air, it can cause them to mould, rot or ferment. This can result in off flavours and odours which reduce the quality of the beans. Cocoa bean quality preservation is therefore key.

Our Container Liners

JB Anderson’s container liner (the JB Anderson Barrier) is a high-quality, food-grade liner. In fact, it was specifically designed to protect and preserve the quality of commodities such as cocoa beans that are loaded in bulk or bagged and transported in shipping containers. Plus, this liner range is fully recyclable and can cater to both 20 ft and 40 ft GP containers, as well as 40 ft HC containers.

Advantages of JB Anderson’s Liner Solutions


One of the biggest advantages of the JB Anderson Barrier liner solution is fast and labour-efficient installation. The liner’s unique design incorporates a sturdy hanging system that results in the installation process taking less than 15 minutes.


Our 20 ft container liners can also be used for the vertical loading of loose cocoa beans since each liner has a reinforced floor and back that provide extra strength while protecting the barrier film during loading.


The JB Anderson Barrier is fitted to size, making them safer and further reducing the risk of liner damage and potential cargo damage. With no excess material in the way, installation is made more efficient and the risk of cargo damage that could result from incorrect installation is reduced. In addition, the unique design also allows for easy and safe access to the doorway.


The JB Anderson Barrier also features a protective barrier film. This film is made from a unique polymer blend that provides high barrier properties against oxygen and moisture, further protecting the product.


After stuffing, the liner is collapsed and excess air is removed. This reduces the risk of condensation damage to the cargo. In addition, a double-seal hermetic zipper in the front/bulkhead prevents air and moisture from entering the liner and coming in contact with the cargo. This type of cocoa container moisture control is crucial.


Last but not least, our liners come with accessories including rope, repair tape and a gas valve, making it a complete solution for shippers of cocoa beans.

In Summary

Container liners / container liner bags / bulk liners are quickly becoming the preferred choice for shippers of cocoa beans, with good reason.

In a nutshell, they provide an added layer of protection against moisture and other external factors that can cause damage to cargo. In the case of cocoa beans, which are particularly sensitive to moisture, these liners are ideal for ensuring beans arrive at their destination in optimal condition.So, if you are a shipper of cocoa beans, consider using our cost-efficient, recyclable container liners for bulk and bagged loading applications. With their fast and labour-efficient installation, efficient emptying at the destination and protective barrier film, the JB Anderson Barrier provides a complete solution for cocoa bean transportation, sized to fit!

Make the switch to our container liners today to protect your cocoa beans during transport.

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