Shipping and transportation of goods can be a high-risk business, with the potential for damage to your cargo being a constant concern. Whether you are shipping fragile items such as glass bottles or heavy machinery, securing your cargo during transit is essential to ensure its safe arrival at its intended destination. This is where dunnage bags come in.

Dunnage bags are useful inflatable bags placed between cargo to effectively fill gaps and prevent unwanted movement or shifting during transportation periods. They are produced from materials such as polypropylene, kraft paper or woven polyester and are available in various sizes and shapes to fit and suit different cargo needs and requirements.

When is it Necessary to Use Dunnage Bags?

Dunnage bags are vital for securing and ultimately protecting cargo during transportation, especially when you are dealing with goods that are sensitive to vibrations, shocks or impact.

For example, fragile items such as electronic goods, glass bottles, machinery and furniture require proper cushioning and support during transit periods to prevent damage. By the same token, heavy goods such as bricks, rolls and metals need decent adequate bracing and support to prevent them from shifting around and potentially damaging other cargo.

JB Anderson Dunnage Bags

The JB Anderson range of dunnage bags offers a variety of solutions to secure and protect products during transit in trucks, rail and shipping containers.

Our dunnage bags come in different sizes and types to cater to various cargo requirements.


Paper Equivalent: 2 ply. Pillow-shaped bags designed for light duty, mainly used in truck and container shipments.


Paper Equivalent: 2 ply. For all truck and container shipments and shipments consisting of glass bottles, paper products, drums, furniture, beer, wine and most dry goods. AAR Verified.


Paper Equivalent: 4 ply. For shipping containers that piggyback (container or trailer on the railroad) or for ocean transport. Supports the same products as Level 1 but can withstand heavier loads. AAR Verified.

LEVEL 3 & 4

Paper Equivalent: 8 ply. Most railroad applications use Level 3 – 5 bags which are usually for lighter materials. They support most products with the exception of very large paper rolls, plywood, bricks, etc. AAR Verified.


Paper Equivalent: N/A. Railroad use for heavy applications – large paper rolls, plywood, bricks and metals. There is no paper equivalent to our Level 5 bags and they can handle extremely heavy loads. AAR Verified.

In addition, we offer bags for trucks and Association of American Railroads (AAR) verified Level 1 to Level 5 for shipping containers, intermodal shipments as well as rail.

The Advantages of Using Dunnage Bags During Transit

  1. For starters, these useful bags provide a cost-effective solution for properly securing cargo during transportation. This reduces the risk of damage to goods and resultantly minimises losses.
  2. They are easy to install and remove. This saves time as well as labour during the loading and unloading process.
  3. Finally, dunnage bags are reusable products, making them a more environmentally-friendly solution than other options for protecting cargo.

The Risks of Not Using Dunnage Bags

Choosing to not use dunnage bags when transporting goods can lead to costly damages to cargo. Shifting, vibrations and jostling during transportation periods can result in breakages, deformation or even complete loss of goods. This can cause stressful shipment delays, dreaded customer dissatisfaction and unwelcome financial losses for both the shipper and the receiver. Furthermore, damages to goods during transportation can have you facing liability issues and even legal disputes which could tarnish your reputation and cost you business opportunities.

In Conclusion

  • Using dunnage bags to protect your cargo during transit is essential.
  • The JB Anderson range offers a comprehensive solution to secure and protect cargo transported in trucks, rail and shipping containers.
  • Our solutions are cost-effective, easy to install and even reusable, making for a sustainable solution to cargo protection.
  • Investing in dunnage bags is a small price to pay to ensure your cargo makes its way to its intended destination safely and in the expected condition. This ultimately saves you time, money and headaches.

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