JB Anderson produces a range of solutions specifically designed to protect and secure cargo that is shipped via road, air or sea


JB Anderson produces a range of desiccant products for a worldwide market as well as customized cargo protection and securement solutions designed to maximize loading capacity of the container and to ensure that products remain secure during transit.

Desiccant Range

JB Anderson offers a wide range of desiccant solutions for containers, trucks (short-haul) and in-the-box applications. Customized printing is also offered across all desiccant products at the point of manufacture. The range is ISO accredited with each desiccant product uniquely formulated to ensure optimum moisture absorption based on the specific nature of the application


Cargo Protection and Securement

JB Anderson’s Cargo protection and securement products include a range of container liner, bulkhead, paper and dunnage bag solutions designed to ensure that cargo remains protected and secure during transit.


Agri Solutions

JB Anderson’s agri solutions are specifically tailored for use in the agricultural sector, including a specialized range of silo bag solutions, designed to ensure the safe and secure storage of grain and other agricultural commodities.

Why NOT Using the Right Desiccants Puts Cargo at Risk

Why NOT Using the Right Desiccants Puts Cargo at Risk

Why NOT Using the Right Desiccants in Shipping Containers Puts Cargo at Risk By not using the right desiccants during transport and storage, every time, you are putting your cargo at risk. Why? Because most cargo is sensitive to atmospheric conditions and requires...

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